Find-A-Leak Domestic Underground Leak Detection

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A leaky water pipe in your home or business can cause untold amount of damage to your property, not to mention huge costs in water bills. Don’t risk a potential disaster, trust FIND-A-LEAK’s expert leak detection service to save you time & money. Don’t keep putting that slow leak off, call FIND-A-LEAK today and ask for Graeme! We are so confident in finding your leak that if we do not find it then we do not charge.* (*This offer applies only to domestic properties in built up areas on flat ground in town. Does not apply to acreage, commercial or properties on slopes)

There’s little worse than finding your pool has lost a considerable amount of water, let alone not knowing where the leak in your pool is! Pool Force are proud to offer Find-A-Leak; a superior Pool Leak Detection Service on the Gold Coast for any pool, regardless of what it is made of.

Pool Force’s Find-A-Leak pool leak detection service utilises the latest in leak detection technology derived from one of America’s leading specialists in that field. Whether you have a concrete pool, fibreglass pool, above-ground pool, small domestic pool or even a large public pool, Pool Force will find your leak.

Whether your pool is suffering from a structural leak lighting fixture leak or a plumbing leak from the pressure or suction lines; our pressure testing, sonic testing and dye testing facilities will be sure to find your leak. Pool Force’s Find-A-Leak pool leak detection service takes advantage of both our considerable experience and technological expertise, without taking advantage of your wallet.

Did you know Find-A-Leak isn’t exclusive to pool leaks? We are also proud to offer residential and domestic water leak testing for home plumbing! If you’ve noticed a mushy patch in the backyard or are concerned about abnormal water usage, Find-A-Leak can locate your leak quickly and in a non-destructive fashion, saving you time and money.

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